Wait on God...


Wait on God...

Wait on God... That's our October message. There's a lot of uncertainty in the world. Police shootings. Storms. Earthquake threats. Floods. The election. Everywhere you look people are worried that the news is so violent. They turn it off to tune out the uncertainty and then they're hit with it at home. It can be the hardest thing to be faced with a big bill, a job loss threat, a messy commute, or a big test that's so overwhelming, you want to just give up. Know that sometimes, that "big thing" you can't handle on your own is God. 


I met a sweet lady at church who is staying in a shelter. She's a strong Christian who loves the Lord and knows the Word. She lost her job, fell behind on her bills and is temporarily in a shelter. Before I walked up to her, I asked the Holy Spirit if He had a Word for her and He said, "Take the grave clothes off," and I realized she had her head down and was shrouded, wearing all black. She was literally mourning the death of her old life. She thought God had forgotten about her, but that's not so.


When we go through transition, sometimes the hardest part is waiting on God to reveal what He has for us. We get hit with something so big and think, "Why is this happening to me? I'm a Christian," or "What did I do wrong? Did I sin?" Beloved, know that it's not always sin or something wrong. Sometimes it's that God knows you are faithful and He wants to move you to the next level.




When He increases your faith through a test that looks "too big" or "too much," don't give up and think, "Well, this is it, it's over. I can't do this." Instead, think, "Let me wait on you, Lord. You're doing something so big I know this is you and you will reveal it because Your Word says you'll never leave me nor forsake me. Please send me signs of proof and confirmation as I want to obey you and know I am on the right track/path. Strengthen my shoulders and give me signs of encouragement so I can pass this test and not give up." Know that greater is in store. You will get through and you will come out better. Trust God. Don't go by what you see in the physical realm. God is moving behind the scenes and working on your behalf. He won't let your foot slip.

 Wait on the Lord. Be brave and courageous and wait on Him. 


Where would we be without God's awesome love? That's what Tasha Cobbs is singing about in the video. Hold fast to your faith and remember to keep praising God. He is the Way Maker! Your praise draws God closer to you. Keep praising Him for the victory and watch Him bring it to pass!

Thank you, Lord for sending Jesus to save, heal and restore us! 



Our October Prayer

Father God, in the name of Jesus, Lord we praise you and thank you for the Jewish New Year and new things that you are doing in our lives. We know this is a year of divine favor and we're seeing great changes, transformations and miracles. Please help us to always trust in you, have faith and not give up. Please increase our wisdom and give us direction and help on our path. 

We pray for calming and peace in our homes, cities, nation and our planet. We pray over the upcoming election. We pray for calming on the streets. We pray for healing for marriages and family relationships in distress. We pray for the sick and those in the hospitals and hospice care. We also pray for those about to have surgery and ask for your covering. 

Thank you Lord for always being in our lives, loving and keeping us and always making the way. We stay in Your shadow and we wait on you. Lord, let us be mindful to witness more and share your Gospel with all mankind. We know these are end times and we pray that we are in position and working on assignment, producing good fruit.

We ask forgiveness of all sins that our prayers might always be heard. We plead the blood of Jesus in our lives and know that no weapons formed against us shall prosper. We cancel the devil's assignment and cut the head of the enemy off in in Jesus's name, amen.  

The Prayer of Salvation

If you haven't said the Prayer of Salvation, now's the perfect time: Father God in the name of Jesus, Lord, I ask forgiveness of my sins. Please come into my heart. I turn my back on sin and I make you my Lord and Savior. I want to follow you for the rest of my life. Please give me eternal life through you in Jesus name, amen. 

Re-dedication to Christ Prayer

If you need to rededicate your life to Christ because you feel like you've been sinning or haven't been living right, pray: Father God in the name of Jesus, I ask forgiveness of my sins and I turn my back on sin. Please help me to overcome ---- and I want to lead a better life through you. I decree and declare this day I have overcome ---- and I have the victory in Jesus name, amen. 

Stay in God's shadow, keep reading your Bible and keep seeking God first. 

Be ye doers of the Word... We pray this message blesses you today!