But We Need More Time...Why President Trump Might Be Reelected


Why President Trump WON the election and why we should support this. If you put the ego, false pride and narcissism aside, there's a connection you need to know about. 

The other night I heard in the spirit realm, "But we need more time." And, before you misinterpret this and walk away, hear me out because this is SO important. If you put EVERYTHING aside that you believe about President Trump and look ONLY in the spirit realm, there's A LOT of evidence that suggests it's pivotal that President Trump stays in office. To understand this though, we HAVE TO rebuke everything negative we've heard or read about the President. Rebuke the spirit of offense and rebuke the racists attacks and judgments. Rebuke those demons. Rebuke all the criticisms and narcissism and ego-centric tweets and all that other rhetoric because THIS IS BIG. So, here goes.

Note: I am NOT a Trump fan but I respect those who God puts in authority to govern over us. Hallelu-Yahweh!


Reasons WHY we need President Trump in office in this spiritual season: 

  • Father God said, "The mark of the beast is here and is coming." Prophets Robin and Robin Bullock posted (see I Saw the Election video below) that Trump wins the reelection and the democrats "go underground" but reemerge with the antichrist. He and his wife also shared that Governor Cuomo in New York has similar characteristics to King Herod. Remember, New York ALLOWED the satanist statue to be erected in Central Park. They SIGNED the abortion laws.
  • Furthermore, I was reading on Sid Roth's Facebook page, as a reminder, Trump is pro-life. And, this is big. Because some in the Democratic party are pro-abortion, there's a lot of pandemonium over giving Dems votes. Then there's the Black Lives Matter movement. While they support black people, a few news articles stated they were anti-police and backing the LGBTQ communities. We love and pray for the LGBTQ community that they come to Christ but ultimately, we're to promote God's agenda, not man's.
  • God said, "A great shaking is coming. A great earthquake." Separately, I had a dream a MAJOR earthquake is coming to New York. What's strange about it is no one KNOWS in advance that an earthquake is coming, right? However, four years ago in October when God gave us a prophecy before the election, Father God said a "great shaking" is coming. He gave me a prophetic dream that an earthquake was coming to New York. And, Trump won the election. Remember, New York is the epicenter for a lot of demonic activity. For more on this, please refer to Prophet Jonathan Cahn's Harbinger I and Harbinger II. See The Most Important Election video below.  
  • Governor Cuomo did not thank God when God removed the coronavirus from New York. If you review our Messages From God and go back to earlier this year, God DID say that the coronavirus would leave. He said it to me, my mom and other prophets. However, when it did leave New York - briefly - Cuomo took credit for it.
  • Governor Cuomo tried to stop the Jews from rallying and worshiping. Blaming it on social distancing, he didn't recognize the religious rights for people to assemble. Or, even suggest a large place where they can comfortably worship out in the open. 
  • Trump is helping Israel with its peace treaties. He resolved the issues with North Korea without the UN's assistance. Prophet Kim Clement said Trump serves 2 terms. See his video below. 
  • Trump has stated that coronavirus originated in China. Prophet Tracy Cooke revealed this in one of his videos. This is NOT as an attack against the country but several prophets have revealed the Gog and Magog war and how China, North Korea, Russia and other enemies WILL invade the US - but this is AFTER the rapture so we are not here.
  • Trump is not "following the crowds" or embracing global warming. Besides, with the fires, floods and severe weather, we KNOW it's not global warming. It's a global WARNING - that Jesus is coming back soon, soon!


11/3: Father God said, "A great quake is coming" and "He's the God who changes not." He also said, "It doesn't matter. God is on the Throne." Father God wants us to "Believe the possibilities." When I was asking about the election, He said, "Donald Trump needs to see God." I know a lot of people don't support Trump - I'm not a fan - but we must respect those God puts into authority to govern over us.



We pray, Father God in Jesus's name, Lord, let THY will be done. We ask for Your mercy over the election. We know You said You were putting a "new man" in office who would be there for you. You said this in one of Your earlier messages. We pray whoever it is that they have a heart for You and want to do Your will and will help encourage and uplift Your people. We pray over this "great quaking" and we ask for You to help us. Is this Trump reelected and coming against Governor Cuomo in New York? Is it a shift with a new administration under Joe Biden? Lord, we know NOT and we don't lean on our own understanding. Have thine own way, Lord. Help us to prepare our hearts and minds for this new administration. Bring healing to our land and please restore us, Lord. Father, we know You are the God who changes NOT. Your promises are yesterday, today and forever. You promise to bless us (Deut. 28:1-14) if we hear AND obey You. As we come out from among the crowds and turn away from sin and wickedness, please forgive our sins and heal our great nation. We WILL obey You, Lord. And, we rebuke every demonic attack and stronghold. We ask for Your justice, Lord. Please come swiftly against every plan of the enemy in the United Sates. We rebuke those who have betrayed us and shed innocent blood. We rebuke those who gave us evil for our good. We rebuke those who targeted us and tried to silence us. We sing, shout and praise Your great name for the victory. Thank you that we have freedom in the United States, That we can walk and talk on our own and praise, You, Lord. We pray for more laborers to help us bring in Your end-time harvest. We know You said "It will get better." We decree and declare peace, justice and calming in our streets. We restore law and order and respect for those in authority and in government. We pray for all our police officers and anoint them in the precious name and blood of Jesus Christ, Lord. We pray for all law enforcement and we rebuke attacks in our streets and the shedding of innocent blood. These are demons trying to cause us to attack each other. Lord, we rebuke satan and his games. We rebuke the devil and his demons. They will NOT silence us. They will NOT intimidate us any longer. Father God, come swiftly with Your justice and fire, Lord, and help us. We rebuke witchcraft and those practicing the occult because they are unleashing demons. We cancel every devil's assignment, Lord. We rebuke every demonic attack against God's people. Answer us with Your fire and set fire to anything NOT like You. Lord, we know You will NOT fail us. You will vindicate Your people so we can freely worship You and the devil is defeated in the name and blood of Jesus Christ. Satan will NOT prevail because Our God is on the Throne. Hallelu-Yahweh! Give us Your peace, Jesus. Please give us healing in areas where people have fallen into a depression. Please help with bill payments as You have said on some occasions to "Watch your pocketbooks." Please help put us on one accord and help us to remove stubborn pride. Lord, we know You said to "Move faster for what God's about to do." We pray, help us know where to speed up and what to do. Bring to our remembrance the things You've asked us to do that we haven't completed. Where we heard yesterday, "But we need more time," Lord, please help us prepare the Church and Body of Christ so we can stand firmly against the mark of the beast and the antichrist in these last days. Robin and Robin Bullock prophesied that Trump would be reelected and the Democrats would go into hiding and reemerge with the Antichrist. Is this true, Lord? Is this what we need to prepare for? Is the reason so many prophets - including Kim Clement - are saying Trump will be reelected so we have more time to prepare the church? Father, however You choose to lead us, Lord, we will follow You. Show us the way, Lord. Have thine own way. Father, we pray your mercy over Central and South America with the Category 4 storm there. We pray "Peace be still" and command the storm to cease and desist at sea. We speak calming over those waves. We pray for Turkey and Greece after that devastating earthquake. We pray for their recovery efforts. Thank You, Lord, that they were able to find more people. Please help them in their search and rescue efforts. We pray for California, Colorado and other areas where there are fires. We pray Lord, please send the rain. We praise You for victory over the enemy in the name and blood of Jesus Christ, we pray, Amen.

I hear Father God saying for someone, "Look for the window God has for you." He's saying again, "Tell them they have to move faster for what I'm about to do." For someone else, "Keep praying for God to remove that stubborn pride." We pray for your whole family. Stay encouraged and keep reading your Bible. God's got us and Jesus is coming back soon, soon! To God be the glory!


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