Happy Mother's Day!



Fat pants. A vacuum. Want to have dinner burnt and your whites turned pink? We've found the worst Mother's Day gifts...ever. Try not to surprise her with these no hit wonders...

  1. We don't care how great the wings are or the dipping sauces. We'd rather take our chances with the warm salad bowl from the place down the street...



  1. Even if it is stainless steel and non-stick, what was wrong with the eggs the way we always made them? What are you trying to say? Save the cookware for Martha Stewart.


fat pants
  1. Fat Pants? Oh how cute...not! No, not even if they were jeggings, jean leggings, comfy pants, stretchy jeans or Mom jeans...Not today! Besides. We already have them in every color by Karen Scott.


  1. Because you want to give your mom a heart attack...No, never a tattoo, and go do your homework - and learn how to spell! I raised you better than that!




  1. I know, the commercial looked so funny, right? You knew I'd get a kick out of it, right? Where's the receipt?




  1. Again, not today...and don't ever get one that will speak my weight to me. Are you kidding me here?



  1. This is the last time I'm going to tell you, I don't want any gift that comes from an infomercial that you watched at 3am no matter how soft. Use them on my hands, too? They're versatile, too? My rooms are already spotless! What are you trying to say?





  1. Because you just knew I needed this...Mmmph, we need to talk...



vacuums suck
  1. Yes, I know vacuums suck...literally. If you haven't looked in the closet, I have enough attachments, thank you.




 10. Reaction you were hoping for, "Wow, that's great, now I can get into all my old jeans." Reaction you got instead, "Just go to your room. Go to your room right now."


Ultimately, whatever you end up getting for Mom, just shower her with love!