What's About To Happen And What You Need To Know...

We originally posted this message on October 1, 2016, based on a dream I had on September 27, 2016. We're repeating the message here. The details describe a dream I had about an earthquake coming to New York. Whether it's an actual earthquake or the shaking from God's coming judgment, I cannot say, but I will repost the dream and message as I had it...


REPOST: Must Read and Please Share: This is not to make anyone afraid, but be aware and look at the disaster preparedness for earthquakes. I had a dream 3-nights ago about an earthquake hitting New York. In the dream, I was in an apartment building. Things started moving slowly so it was surreal because people were going about their day as usual so they didn't see the warning signs. Then things started to shake. I saw an apartment that had wooden stairs and they literally shifted off their foundation. The concern was when the shifting occurred, what would they hit? Would people be crushed?

I also saw people running to the elevator, but that's wrong because the power can fail and they can be crushed if lines are cut. There was also concerns over things falling overhead and I saw huge chandeliers and beams of wood. In the dream as I hunkered down while things shook, I heard a voice say that this was only the start and it was going to get worse. 2-nights ago the weather channels reported about the San Andreas fault, so I don't know if the time frame has to do with what I saw in my dream.

I asked God what He wanted me to do and He said to witness to as many people as you can so I'm posting the Prayer of Salvation here and also including tips on disaster preparedness for earthquakes. Please pay careful attention to what to do if you are in buildings because in the dream I saw people in buildings who froze, panicked and had no idea what was happening. We keep everyone in our prayers and know that we trust in God and want to see all our friends, family, loved ones, neighbors and coworkers safe.

Even if you don't think this can happen, read the prayer and read the disaster preparedness tips. Share this with family, friends, coworkers and loved ones. The last big dream I had like this was the Royal Caribbean ship that went into the storm and I posted that on Facebook, too. The Prayer of Salvation can be said by anyone of any religion who believes in Jesus. Your background, education, upbringing or past doesn't matter. It's what's in your heart to know that if anything happened today or Monday morning on your way to work that you have prayed and are covered. We pray God is with each and everyone of us always, protecting us, covering us and keeping us.

The Prayer of Salvation: Father God in the name of Jesus, I know Jesus died for my sins. I repent and ask forgiveness of my sins and turn my back on sin. I ask Jesus to come into my heart and I make Him my Lord and Savior. Lord, please give me eternal life through Jesus Christ. Please wash me clean and I want to follow you for the rest of my life. Bless, cover and keep my family I pray, in Jesus's name, amen.