When Your World Suddenly Catches Fire


A SPECIAL NOTE: A HUGE shift is coming as the world turns more to robotics and automation. If you have any outstanding debts, like high credit card debts, please, can't stress this enough, start paying off your debts now. Massive layoffs will start soon and for some this might be unexpected because too many people rely on "job security" and not "God security". I witnessed it firsthand when a company suddenly cut my direct deposit and I was 21-days without a salary. You might have to choose between your luxuries and your livelihood. Start cutting back now so you can be ready what's coming.

Business Insider estimates that 800 million people will be out of work by 2030 but it might be a lot sooner. As a writer, the majority of my clients are looking at how to use robots to replace workers and this will affect HR, driving jobs, customer service, retail, delivery jobs, banking, and more. Please be mindful of this and go to God in prayer for help with areas where you need to cut down your spending, increase savings, and prepare for droughts that are coming. We don't receive "less than", but you have to prepare so you can help your family, and those in need. Please share this with your churches. Start saving for the drought. Start building the pantries, and please reduce your debts. You will not regret it, but if you turn and walk away, it might hit you by surprise...


Your biggest battle will bring your biggest blessing. The devil hit you with his best shot and he failed. It's over. You won't go through that again. Rebuke the demons of suicide and don't you dare give up. Hear the most powerful words you need to help you get back up, stand again, and stand firm on God's Word.  


Everyone has likely heard the scripture, "Count it all joy when you fall into diverse temptations," but finding sudden joy when your life is upside down and things appear to be on fire and burning out of control can be tough - - until you apply these helpful tips:

1. Calm Down: What You're Seeing is Not Real

I was attacked once verbally by a writing company I had worked for. A client gave me all negative feedback to try to drive me out of business. I think I had completed 30 or 40 articles, so it was a lot. What she did to slander me was blatantly wrong, lies, and strategic. I sat and cried in a pity party as I said to myself, "But, I'm a good person."

While I knew deep down inside that I was a good person and did nothing wrong, and I know that you are a good man or a good woman who didn't do anything wrong, the attack is meant by the enemy to make you feel less than, you have to understand what is really behind the attack. 

For starters, you have to regroup and recognize that what the enemy has done was an intentional attack. He acted swiftly to undermine you. He caught you off guard and attacked you in an area that would immediately weaken and immobilize you, but it's not real. 

What you see in front of you, whether it's a sudden job loss, a sharp decline in your income, a health scare, a work threat, or other type of sudden attack, it's not real. It's what the devil wants you to see with your physical eyes, flesh, and emotions because he wants to get you out of the spirit so he can get a physical and fleshly reaction from you, but remember, the Bible states, "We walk by faith, not by sight."

Know that what you're seeing is not real and you will have help right away from God. What's shown is flesh and carnal, but faith is in the unseen.

2. Regroup: Walk Away From the Situation and Ignore Your Feelings

As people, we have a natural propensity to place blame where blame is due but we can also quickly internalize pain when we're betrayed or attacked for no reason. That's the hardest part about dealing with the spirit of offense. You haven't done anything wrong, but here's the point. You have to walk away from the situation mentally because the devil is trying to get a reaction out of you. This is what happened to a relative.

I had a dream that the Holy Spirit showed me one of my relatives and gave a warning, "Do not open your mouth." I woke up and called my relative and gave them the message. Maybe a day or two later, they called to tell me the Word had been confirmed and they were fired. Their employer had made false accusations and to defend herself, my relative got loud in a heated exchange and was subsequently fired. That's why walking away is so important.

Walking away gives you time to bring your thoughts and emotions back into the spirit. You see, the offense can come like a gut punch out of nowhere and to avoid retaliating in the flesh, you have to come away from the person, or the crowds, so you can focus on God and what might really be going on. This is the time to not speak out loud with your feelings (flesh), but only speak the Word (Spirit which gives life) which is why you have to have faith that your words in the spirit will bring about the change you need in the earthly realm/flesh.


3. Focus on the Word and See God in Your Situation 

God is Our Covering. He is an ever-present help in times of trouble. When you are facing an attack, the devil shows through your physical eyes that you are losing and they are winning. Wrong! What's actually happening is that God is preparing a table for you in the presence of your enemies.The enemy "thinks" they are winning and they "think" you are losing, but here's the point that you need to get down in your soul: The devil CANNOT take away what God has given you. He can only TRY TO CONVINCE YOU TO GIVE UP and walk away out of frustration, pain, fear, and depression. 

When my writing client lied and left all negative feedback, it stopped me from being eligible for big 5-star writing projects and future customers wouldn't even hire me, or so I thought. It was a sabotaging attack, but what the devil means for harm, God works in our favor. I felt devastated because while I tried to pay all my bills on time and monitor my spending, here was the devil snatching all my available income and every bill was now late and my bank was charging me overdraft fees. I cried. I panicked. I didn't know what to do. I spoke over myself, but sometimes in the middle of a mess, you need to hear from the Father and I heard the Holy Spirit say, "I put a guard on your account" and I understood that the devil couldn't touch my money. He was trying to convince me that he could. What I needed to understand was that if God allowed the test or the circumstance, God was showing me how He would work it out in my favor, which brings us to our next point...

4. Draw on God and Use God's Authority

Have you ever seen someone going through a trial crying, "But I'm a good person." People often ask, "Why does God let bad things happen to good people?" While we can't speak for God, I often see people assuming that this bad thing is happening because they did something wrong, but know that God uses problems to help shift us to a new level. Pastor Joel Osteen says, "Trouble is Transportation," to help people understand that when you're faced with fiery tests, they have a purpose. Like a mighty wind that can carry a small insect from one region to the next, the test that is allowed is to grow your faith to take you to another level.

For example, if you were homeless and you now have your own home again, you might be able to counsel homeless people about your success and how God worked for and through you. Your tears that you sowed actually planted healing for someone else so your ministry can be made manifest and the anointing oil that comes from your crushing can help heal them just like it helped you.

The problem is, in the middle of an eviction, or in the middle of a health crisis, it can be very hard to think "Oh, I'm being evicted? That means I can witness to others on another level." No, you might not see it like that when you're going through a crisis. What you should say though is "Oh, they think they can evict me? Well I stand on God and He has the final say. I will have the money for these bills and I decree and declare I am debt-free." You see the difference?

Do you understand how the scripture, Many are the afflictions of the righteous but the Lord delivers us from them all comes into play? That's why you have to cling to the Word/Rock from which you were cut, stand firm on God's Word, and expect a favorable outcome.

But you also have to deal with the snakes and the attack...


5. Rebuke the Demons of Depression, Giving Up, and Suicide

Right when I was going through my attack, I was so tempted to give up. I had bills to pay. I needed to buy groceries. I didn't have anyone to help me. I could think of so many things that I was facing and I sat and cried and cried. It was what the devil wanted. My writing business had suddenly declined and my computer was acting up. My money was affected. I was out of chocolate...

I was so full of sorrow that I felt like Naomi in the book of Ruth. I cried profusely and at one point, my fan on my computer stopped running, I cried over that, too. Then it came back on. Okay, I get it. But then I understood that the crying and feelings of helplessness were what the devil wanted me to experience and go through.

The hardest part of any test or trial is not giving up but speaking over your situation while you wait for God to work on your behalf. The devil is saying to just give up and die, but when I was facing my trial, a funny thing happened. I heard God say, "I have not ruled." I stopped for a second right in the middle of my crying party and realized that I had allowed the devil to get me caught up in a "Friday experience" - - you know, as in Friday when Jesus was hung on the cross? I forgot that what I was going through wasn't the end and it wasn't God's final say and He has the final say and He is always covering us. I perked up when I heard Him say, "I have not ruled." It brought new life into what looked like a miserable situation because then I knew that it was just a test and to not give up. It reminded me of a time at my old church when as we started walking in for the service, the Pastor was at the altar dancing. No music. No organist. He was just dancing. He saw us looking curiously at him and he said, "You want to know why I'm dancing like this with my socks on?" Yup, his shoes were off. "You see, for all the hell the devil put me through this week, I'm praising God that much more for the victory! If I were you, I'd get in a praise break. Cause we're breaking through!" And we danced all day that Sunday...

Another point that's important here is to be careful who you ignore and who you partner with. In the middle of my test, I was approached by two different people, one offering help (money), and one who needed help (money). I had to listen to God to decipher the direction He wanted me to go into. The Holy Spirit told me to walk away from the client offering help and told me to focus on the client in need of help, so I obeyed. I didn't realize that it was a test and it was meant to help me hear God clearly and learn the direction I should go in. This is very important:

When you are going through a trial like this, the devil might come offering help and tons of money to assist you. Ask God first. If God says to walk away, do it. What God wanted me to do was help my client who was in need of money. Like the woman with the little oil who said, "I only have a little," you have to remember to say, "God will provide." Indeed that is just what happened. My client needed her order corrected 2 separate times and our supplier waived the fees and sent the order express both times - that's God's favor! Lean not on your own understanding, but in all your ways acknowledge Him (God) and He will direct your path.

While it can be extremely hard, you might have to let God take you to Ground Zero, or the level where it looks like you have nothing. Remember, God sustains us and if He's drawing you back, He's going to propel you forth. Don't fight Him. Just trust Him. Every day that I was crying, every day that I didn't have money, and my supplies were dwindling, the Holy Spirit would speak, "There's a window." "It's coming." "Don't give up." "It's here." Get this in your spirit: Sometimes you can hear God clearest when you give complete control over to Him and trust His will. I'm reminded of an excellent example:

The first time I went snorkeling, I didn't tell the instructors that I was a novice. I had never been in such deep water before and instead of floating, I began frantically kicking and kicking and I couldn't stop. My breathing was labored, my mask was filled with steam, and I just knew it was supposed to be better than this. I could hear the Holy Spirit telling me to stop kicking and just float. It was then that I remembered I had a life jacket on the whole time and COULDN'T sink. God won't let your foot slip. Trust Him. Back to the story...

After rebuking all negativity and remembering to trust God, my next step was to reach out for encouraging reinforcements and that's what I'm telling you to do, too, so you can stay encouraged.

Don't let man try to convince you that he has authority. Only God, Jehovah, has the final say!

6. Reinforce What You Know and Stay Encouraged

I knew I had to speak into my situation and speak over myself - FAST! I started the day feeling like I was going to cry and just wanted to give up but I quickly recognized that it was the flesh and emotions and I had to speak over myself to remove the garment of heaviness. I turned on powerful ministry messages and let them play all day long so I could eat the Word for the spiritual encouragement I needed.

I called one of the prayer lines and asked for prayer and told them I needed help as I cried profusely through tears. As I dialed the number, I heard the Holy Spirit say, "No weapons formed against you..." and I knew what He was showing me. This was a spiritual fight and I would win if I stayed encouraged and fought back with the Word. I prayed with one of the prayer warriors and contacted another pastor for prayer.

While in the physical realm my situation looked bad, I refused to say it. I heard the Holy Spirit say while I was on the phone with the prayer team, "You already have the money back in your account" and that's what I spoke every day and you have to do that, as well. What I'm telling you is to come from the place of the victim where the devil wants you to recognizing that you have the victory. You are the head, lender, and above. Do not speak even a single word out of your mouth that is in defeat or against you, your situation, your family, finances, health, etc. Even if it looks like it. The devil intentionally sent someone to my front door asking for a loan and I realized he wanted me to say, "I don't have any money." Never speak that even if you don't. I said the truth: I don't have any cash on me and need to go to the ATM, which was true, but never say, "I don't have..." Don't say it. Ever! What you speak comes to pass. Look at those dry bones, that dead situation, the empty wallet, the bad medical report, whatever, and say, "I decree and declare it is good." Your help comes from the Lord!

The other Word that the Holy Spirit gave me was that we have "God's authority" and He works on our behalf, but know that in this season, God might be expecting us to do the work to make the Word work for us. Roll your sleeves up, put the coffee on, and do #7.

7. Look for the Windows and Signs, Have Faith, Don't Stop Giving 100%, and Ask God for Proof

The last steps that helped me to get back on track were to recognize that I still had to give 100%, have faith, ask God for proof, AND look for the windows God sends. I wanted to stop writing because I felt like giving up, like "What's the point?" but in recognizing that it was the enemy's goal for me to do just that I pushed forward to give 100% in all my work and prayed and asked for God's mercy.

What happened after that was that my existing clients started coming to me out of the blue with tons of writing projects (really)! I was so surprised I was actually crying over the outpouring of what God and the angels were sending to me that I felt bad for every doubting the process all along and someone nominated me as a "best writer with clients" - I didn't even know angels knew how to use the computer. Seriously.

I knew in the end that God was allowing this situation to deeply affect my finances to help pour out the anointing and show me that the devil has no authority over me.


A tip to help you: Bishop T.D. Jakes once said that a big problem people have is that they don't understand we go from faith to faith and glory to glory, meaning, we think after a big test, that's it, we've arrived. That's not the case. You may have one fire that you put out today and then another fire six-months from now or a few weeks from now. Remember, many are the afflictions of the righteous, but the Lord delivers us from them all. Just be sure that you program your mind to treat each day as a new opportunity. God daily loads us with benefits, so ask for His mercy and know that nothing the devil does will work. He doesn't win, we do. You just have to stay encouraged and always give glory to God and see yourself as winning.

In the middle of all that I was going through, I missed a semester of class because the class I needed wasn't available so my loans went into default. I went online right away to defer them but the online app didn't work. When I called, a very rude man said, maybe 20-times, "The online deferment didn't work. We've received nothing from you," and then he said in a nasty tone, "You don't even know which deferment you applied for." I recognized that it was the devil trying to make me feel bad or worse than I already felt, so I said, "Yes, I do know the deferment because I had to sign off on it and I stated that to you a few minutes ago. Please don't be nasty to me when I am calling for help." You have to stand firm and continue to stand. Stay encouraged and know that God is with you and help is there.

You have angels all around you. Be strong, fight the good fight, and never give up. The devil's goal is to try to stop you from coming out, but sing like the 80's song, "I'm coming out. I want the world to know! Got to let it show! There's a new me coming out and I just want to live! I'm coming out! I want the world to know!" Know that no weapons formed against you shall ever be able to prosper.


Lastly, Bishop Jakes mentions (see link above) that Daniel prayed for 21-days and God sent an answer to him. The woman with the issue of blood had 12-years of feeling "out of control" and she kept speaking out what she needed, "If I can but touch the hem of His garment, I shall be healed." This brings up an important point.

You have to meditate on God's Word and meditate and speak the healing you need. Speak the answer and even if it takes 21-days, there's a demonic warfare you have to break through. That means if there's a financial strain, don't focus on the bills. Speak the Word. "My bills are paid and I am debt-free." Don't see your pocketbook or purse as empty, new income is coming. The enemy can only hold back your blessing so long. When God speaks the Word, it shall come to pass, but the devil only has a set time. Keep pressing on and work the Word!

The Holy Spirit said to remind you, "Don't lean on your own understanding." We can sometimes start thinking too much and when you start thinking that you'll lose everything or will sink into the water, it will happen because you're looking through physical eyes. Speak the Word, trust God, and rely on the angels to guide you.

Soon, Soon...

When I was going through spiritual tests in the past, I had a relative who was very gifted in the prophetic and one time I was between jobs and I remember my relative praying over me and saying, "The Holy Spirit is saying, "Soon. Soon. Help is coming soon." I thought I had to rely on the person to get the prayer in or rely on them in a difficult crisis, but then when God removed the person and it was just me and God, I understood it wasn't about the person. It was God showing me how to draw strength from Him. When my writing money dried up, I was crying in prayer and I heard, "Soon. Soon." I realized that some gifts in the prophetic might only come when you go through an experience and God wanted me to be able to draw closer to hear from Him so I could have a clear understanding and ability to clearly SEE what I was going through by HEARING what would come to pass. That's one of the reasons we wrote, Pray It By Ear.   


We pray over you right now in the name of Jesus: We break the spirit of heaviness and discouragement over your emotions. We curse the demons of debt in the name of Jesus. We command income to come together. It shall come to pass. The Word of the Lord shall come to pass in your life. We break the curse over you. We break the curse over your finances. We cut the heads of those snakes off in the name of Jesus. We cancel every devil's assignment and demons have to flee.

We speak to hidden gifts to come forth and out of your belly shall flow rivers of living water, in the name of Jesus. The anointing of the Holy Spirit is here. You shall have all that you say you shall have. It is so. It shall be done, in the name of Jesus. Living water flow now. Fresh oil over your ministry, your life, your marriage, your finances, your health, flow now. Speak "as it will be" over your situation and not as it is now or what the devil wants you to see.

We cancel the debts, we cancel the devils assignment in the name of Jesus, and we cancel demons of depression, suicide, and giving up. Satan is defeated. We pray renewing for your mind in Jesus's name. Step forth and know that God's Word never fails. Praise God now! God has the final say! Glory to your name, Lord!

Look for your windows and look for the signs that God provides! Have faith! Remember, it is just a test and God has the final say, not man...