Whose Mind is Stayed on Thee...

Going through a tough time? Don't go by what it looks like. Situations are subject to change with God on the throne. In the Bible, David was ostracized, considered "less than", and was rejected and attacked by Saul. Despite this, God made him king. Your history doesn't determine your destiny. God does... God-Driven-Designs.com



I have to admit, if you yell at me like Louis Gossett, Jr. did to Richard Gere in An Officer and a Gentleman, I might buckle under pressure. My uncle was teaching me how to drive a stick shift and without my knowledge, he chose a day when there was minimal traffic and picked the biggest hill he could find. I thought we were going for ice cream. He then proceeded to teach me how to drive a stick shift, (his version of said story), while he yelled at me and asked the same thing over and over, "What are you trying to do, kill us?" My version of said story. All I could think was, "Umm, I didn't drive us here..." but I got the point. Eventually. After crying and waving to traffic for someone to please call 911 because I really didn't know this man, I learned how to drive a manual and I didn't burn out the clutch. The point? When you're faced with an uphill battle, keep your mind stayed on Jesus. And maybe ask Him to take the wheel....

Do you remember Gomer Pyle? Not sure if it was his obvious under-bite or the way he stood at attention, but he really angered his drill sergeant because no matter what was screamed at him, Gomer never cowered, never wiped the spittle from his face or told his drill sergeant that if he gargled he would have fresh(er) breath. He stood unmovable like Peter walking on water. Well, for a second or two.


Focus on Jesus

Okay, so Peter might not be the best example. He boldly walked on water, thought that maybe this shouldn't be happening, got his Mephisto's wet and then really started sinking. He did accomplish his goal when his eyes were fixed on Jesus. Just like that lady who lunged for Jesus. Remember her? She said, "If I can just get to Him,," and she was determined that He, i.e., King Jesus, had the ability to heal her. And He did - by faith because He didn't slow down. He wanted her to reach for Him. Uh, yes, Our Lord set her up, and God will sometimes do that. Intentionally. Like when you're on a hill and need to learn something...

Maybe your day has been crazy. Or your whole summer for that matter. You might be staring at a pile of bills or piles of work that make you feel just downright exhausted. You have to give that over and focus on Jesus because He has the answer if we follow exactly what He said to do.



Your faith must be tested

Jesus told the disciples that whatever they desired when they prayed, to believe they would have it and it would be theirs. Now, Jesus was already a bit upset with the disciples because they didn't have stronger faith, couldn't see all that He'd done with the wine, bread and fish, or the disciples just didn't remember. Kind of like sheep. I know, right... But Jesus was patient, just like my uncle who purposely put me on that hill with that traffic on my bumper so I would be forced to remember what I had learned: Focus on what He said to do.

Fix your mind on the answer to solve what you need

Jesus did this kind of testing with the disciples, too. Not the stick shift mind you, but the storm and the boat, while He slept. Brothers do that kind of stuff! Jesus set them up. He sent the storm and took a nap because He knew they would need Him. When you focus on what Jesus did and on what He said we could do, then you will see that what you need will come to pass. Just like my uncle yelling at me, "Give it the gas! Hit the clutch! Stop trying to kill us!" Okay, leave that last part out. I so needed Jesus in that car!


Father God in the name of Our Precious Lord Jesus, we praise you because we know you can fix any and every battle to work on our behalf and what we're going through are tests to grow our faith. You have made us the head, lender and above and we have an advocate in Jesus. The battles we face are not ours, they're yours and we know you are working out everything in our favor so that you can get the glory and we can grow in you. Right now, Lord, please help with (name what it is you need help with). We know the devil is defeated and by your authority Lord, we have the victory. We know faith comes by hearing and hearing by your Word, Lord. You said you would supply all our needs. You said we can ask and receive, seek and find, knock and the door shall be opened. We praise you for the victory. We might not see the answer right away, but we don't have to. We're growing in faith and keeping our minds stayed on Thee. We give you glory and praise you for provision. We thank you for healing. We love you because we are victorious! Thank you for answering our prayers, and we pray for anyone dealing with overwhelming conditions. We also pray for the flood victims in Louisiana and India. Be with them and help them right now and we pray covering, grace, mercy and favor over our families, friends and loved ones, our nation and our planet, in Jesus name, amen!  

Rebuke every storm in your life. The devil is defeated in Jesus's name. Give glory to God!