Sony 3.6 Watt Active Speaker System SRS A212

$ 20.00

For a powerful system with stylish design, the Sony speaker duo provides 3.6 watts of sound.

Perfectly designed for your portable audio or PC, system features include:

  1. Mega Bass: These speakers come with built-in Mega Bass technology, providing powerful low frequencies for an enhanced audio experience.
  2. On/Off Switch with Volume Control: Conveniently adjust the volume using the integrated control.
  3. Magnetically Shielded: You can place these speakers next to a TV or computer monitor without interference.
  4. Driver Units: Equipped with 66mm driver units for clear sound.
  5. 5.94 x 3.66 x 8.19 inches
  6. 3 pounds
  7. Operating System Manual:
  8. Condition: Gently Used, sold as-is.

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