Watch Trump Save America Rally Live Rumble South Carolina March 12 2022

President Donald J. Trump has a rally on Saturday, March 12, 2022. The Save America Rally will livestream on Rumble and is being held at the Florence Regional Airport. Doors open at 2:00 pm EST. Speakers start at 4:00 pm, while President Trump is scheduled to speak at 7:00 pm.

Where to Watch the Trump Rally today?

  • Link with general information about the Rumble Trump Save America Rally
  • Link to watch the full Trump Rally today with all the guest speakers and Trump speaking at 7:00 pm:
  • Link to only watch President Trump speak (link is active when he arrives, so at about 7:00 pm ET): 


Rumble's video platform is expected to go public through a SPAC merger with CF Acquisition Corp VI (NASDAQ: CFVI). As President Trump has an estimated 1.23 million Rumble subscribers, the popular platform has been showing his rallies in different states.

In January, Texas and Arizona rallies had about 360,000 and 365,000 views, respectively. What's more, last year, President Trump saw several of his Rumble videos generate over 600,000 views. Further, his July and June videos had 3.3 million, 1.2 million and 1.2 million views.

Trump dominates the Rumble platform, which is also trying to attract Joe Rogan from Spotify (NYSE: SPOT). While Trump launched his Truth Social platform last month, and it's going public (NASDAQ: DWAC), Truth is still quite new and working out tech disruptions. Hence, Trump is using a strategic move to livestream on Rumble and ensure his followers can hear his message, especially as his rally numbers increase. 

"After a year of crises and failures from the Biden Administration, it’s no surprise folks are eager to rally behind a Republican, America First agenda. That’s why we’re excited to welcome President Trump back to South Carolina," GOP Chairman Drew McKissick said.

"Under President Trump’s leadership, our Party saw exponential growth everywhere, but particularly in rural, historically Democrat Pee Dee counties." He added that "sky-high gas prices, inflation through the roof, a border crisis, and repeated foreign policy disasters have made it easy for voters to see the stark difference between winning Republican leadership with Trump in the White House and failed Democrat leadership with a Democrat majority in Congress and Joe Biden in the White House."

And that's because those illegally occupying do not hold God's mantle.


I hear God saying, "I'm going to make an announcement" and "THEY will be saying not fair when they see what God does." Because ONLY God has the final say, we wait on God. This devil, his workers, fake news, social media, and tech have taken one side. They have demonstrated that they are not just far left but also, we are seeing witchcraft and the demonic on the highest levels, i.e., Ephesians 6:12 demons, the mark of the beast, and false prophet.

THEY are distorting God's words, censuring God and removing prophetic messages and President Trump's messages from social media. Nevertheless, our God prevails, and THEY cannot silence God. God's truth, justice, and judgment are coming. We are one nation under God, not man, not witchcraft or the demonic. And, when God moves, the witches and demons will flee.