Best Cool & Cheap Gift Ideas for Mom: Free Card Included November 16 2014

God-Driven-Designs special through the holiday season has to do with giving cool gifts to mom. We've come up with our best gift ideas and we are including free cards with every order. Why? Mom's are cool, they rock, they're great people  and sometimes mom does more than dad and this is a great way to say thank you to that special mom for doing so much. Remember giving a gift to mom from your heart is not only thoughtful, but it's an act of service in that you're letting her know that she's the best mom and you're giving her the best gift. 


Our gifts for mom include inspirational mom mirror plaques with engraved messages, mom gift bags with loofah / spa sponges, lotion and shower gel, and don't forget her free card with every order. We also carry gift baskets with larger shower gels, lotions and DVDs. We sell t-shirts in white and pink, favorite colors for mom - what about a pink 'Angels are Everywhere' t-shirt? And we have gift sets with make-up bags and Bath and Body Works products. And don't forget our free gift, the free card that comes with every order. When you check out, let us know which card to include and what message you would like us to write for your mom.


Another option if you’re not sure of what to get is to mix and match your gift for mom and let us put together a few things in a basket. Think of it like this: When you order flowers, even the cheap ones, they run about $35 - $40 with shipping. For that price you could buy an inspirational mirror plaque for $5, a gift set with a make-up bag, note or greeting cards, shampoo, conditioner and lotion for $10, a t-shirt for $9, and a gift bag with a plaque, stationery and magnet for $10. With shipping at about $6, that comes out to $40. The flowers would have died in a week, but you have so many cute things to show mom how much you care. She might even fuss if she thought you spent too much money. We won’t tell her! And guess what? With our $10 off coupon when you spend $25, that brings your order down to $30 so you can save $10 or buy something for yourself - we won't tell her that either! 


Remember, it's not about spending a lot of money, when you're on a budget, you're looking for a cheap gift or at the very least a discount so you can save money, and a cheap gift doesn't need to look cheap. Our gift sets start as low as $5 for small gift sets and samplers, so please check through our gift section and look for cool gifts for mom, great gifts for that special lady who took care of you for all those years and let her know she's cared, she's loved and she means so much to you! We won't tell her how much you saved!